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On July 12, 2000 our coven officially became recognized as a church in the State of Kansas... Church of the Mystic Moon.


Check out our Class Schedule for 2009 and get an idea of what sorts of subjects we teach our students about.

And now, a little about Mystic Moon Coven. Dreamweaver and I received our 3rd Degree elevation in February of 1998 from the High Priest of Crescent Moon Coven (the group we were studying with), Shanem Falconfire. He asked us to take over his teaching coven for a time due to personal reasons. The group evolved and transformed over time and so did we (student and teacher alike)... until Spirit said it was time for us to take a new name, so in October 1999, Shanem took back the coven name he had given us at our 3rd Degree and we became known as Mystic Moon Coven, one of the few teaching and working covens in the Kansas City. In July of 2000, we became a legally recognized Church in the state of Kansas... Church of the Mystic Moon.

The group follows an eclectic path and we believe that spirituality is a very personal experience. We understand that what clicks with one person may have little meaning for another so even though we primarily teach the Mystic Moon tradition, we also try to expose our students to many other traditions of Wicca, Paganism and Shamanism in order to provide them with a wide, sturdy base on which they can build their spiritual lives. We also believe that the more we understand about other beliefs, the more we understand the people that follow those beliefs. In keeping with this, we also expose our students to other belief systems and encourage them to continue expanding their knowledge about beliefs other than their own.

As a coven (and as a Church), one of our goals is to train caring and competent Clergy for the Pagan community. To this end, we hold weekly classes (coven meetings) at our Covenstead. We teach with a combination of discussions in class, hands-on experience, and written lessons (via our Degree System). We celebrate the monthly Esbats and the eight Sabbats together and find time to have social outings as well as the spiritual celebrations. Mystic Moon Coven comes together as an extended spiritual family. We care deeply for each other and offer each other unconditional love and support. Like any family, we do occasionally have our differences, but we seek to resolve them calmly and from the position of love and understanding.

Mystic Moon is proud to have the following Priests and Priestesses as our Adopted Elders...

M.R. Sellars, renowned author of Pagan Suspense Thillers and wonderful human being...


Dorothy Morrison, one of the most fascinating people on the face of the planet.

Sam Bennett & Joy Elliott - great friends and true inspirations on this path.

Bob...the Witch, one of the founding members (and acting High Priest of) Chrysalis Coven. A finer man, you will never meet.

If have any questions or want to contact us, feel free to email us at

If you think you may be interested in checking out Mystic Moon... Please take the time to read the Dedicate Seeker's Guidelines

It is important to note that we are a teaching and working coven, not merely a social outlet. If you are looking for a place to learn about the many facets of Wiccan Spirituality, then this may be the place for you. If, however, you are only looking for a social outlet, you need to keep looking because Mystic Moon is not the right place for you.

One of the methods that we have in place to help our new Dedicate Seekers become oriented to the coven is our the Mentor Program.

The guidelines for our Dedicates and Initiates are similar, but a bit more stringent.
Student Guidelines.

Degree System for Mystic Moon.

Class Schedule for 2009

Mystic Moon meets every Friday at 8pm at the Covenstead for class. Following is a schedule of class subjects so you can get an idea of what sorts of things we discuss.

Coven Planning Coven members only IMBOLG Celebration History/Use/Purpose of Masks
Grounding Purpose of Ritual WearChoose persona/Begin Mask
Purpose of Meditation Creating a Robe Finish Mask/Charge with Role-play
Practical Meditation Complete Robe OSTARA
Hands-on Meditation Practice Ritual Ritual

Air and its Tools Cleansing & Preparing for Ritual Ritual Honoring the Ancestors
Fire and its Tools BELTANE Write Midsummer
Water and its Tools Full Moon Ritual History, Ancient - Burning Times
Earth and its Tools Ritual The Birth of Neo-Paganism
Heartland Pagan Festival Current Events & the Future of Paganism

Coven Planning - Members Only LUGHNASADH Faery Faith
Herbal Teas Magick In The Mundane Druidry
Dream Pillows Magick In The Mundane Norse
Herbs & Magick Magick In The Mundane Strega
Medicinal Herbs Ritual MABON

Scrying Shadow Work Interpersonal Energy
Pendulum/Dowsing Shadow Work Reiki
Tarot Shadow Work Raising & Releasing Energy
Palmistry Shadow Work YULE
no class day before Samhain no class - Christmas

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us at

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