Welcome to Goddess Grove

A quiet place to learn about the God & Goddess and the blessings They bestow upon each and every one of us daily! Welcome and may you be Blessed. Spend as much time as you like . Blessed Be!

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This site is respectfully dedicated to those intrepid individuals who risked everything to not only seek their own truth but also to light the way for all who would follow in their footsteps. May all who seek here be inspired by their courage and blessed by their love... and whether it be here or somewhere else... may you find what you need to be truly happy. Blessed Be.

Welcome to Goddess Grove

... a peaceful place to learn more about the spiritual path of Wicca,the God & Goddess and the blessings They bestow upon each and every one of us daily! We welcome you here and invite you to spend as much time as you like. To the Seekers who are trying to find and follow your own truth... May you be inspired by the courage of those who came before you and may you be truly blessed by their love and wisdom. We hope each of you finds what you need to be genuinely happy. Blessed Be!

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  Merry Meet! We are Angelus and Dreamweaver, the High Priestess & High Priest of Mystic Moon Coven, a teaching and working coven that has been in existence since Imbolg 1998 and is located in the Kansas City area. We are Witches (or Wiccan, if you prefer that term) and proud to be known as such. We have dedicated our lives to the God and Goddess and to helping others find the spiritual path that is right for them; whether or not that path happens to be Wiccan or even Pagan. We understand that this spiritual path is not for everybody but we know in our hearts that it is absolutely the right choice one for us.



We strive to live our faith each and every day, not just one day out of the week. Yes, Wicca is a 'religion', but to us (and to many other Wiccans) it is much more than just a religion... it is a way of life... as much a part of us as our breath.


We know that many people have misunderstandings of Pagan and Wiccan beliefs and we are trying to shed light on the reality of this spiritual path. We want others to understand exactly what Witches are -AND- what we are not. With the help of the God and Goddess, and the perseverance of a multitude of dedicated Pagans and Wiccans, we trust that some day in the near future people will come to understand that ours is a life affirming spiritual choice and that most of the people who follow this spiritual path have dedicated their lives to their beliefs, their God and Goddess, their fellow man, and to caring for and healing the Earth and all of Her inhabitants.



One of our goals in this lifetime is to help make religious freedom mean ALL religions and to do our part to ensure that every person has the freedom to worship whatever Deity or Deities they choose without endangering their lives or the lives of those they love... An' it Harm None!!


In 1995, on our 5th anniversary, we renewed our wedding vows by being Handfasted. 

Dreamweaver and I have been together for nearly 23 years, and have been married for 22 of those years as of Christmas Eve, 2012.

We would like to know that you were here
and if the information contained in this website helped you.
Take a moment, if you would, to send us a note with your comments and/or constructive ideas.
Angelus Webweaver

We have been honored with an award from High Priestess Tarot and are deeply honored by the granting.

We attended the 4th Annual Pagan Internet Conference and enjoyed the many knowledgeable speakers there.

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